Nurturing our youth

The future is in the hands of the young. To support the next generation to grow, we provide internship and trainee programmes to university students in Hong Kong who are passionate in manufacturing industries, allowing them to develop new skills and broaden their exposure. So that they can better prepare the future transition from study to work and understand their career interests.

Supporting education

We contribute to the development of various education programmes and institutions in China by offering educational sponsorships to the children of our Chinese employees. So to help them pursue primary, secondary and university education. We also support  secondary and university students who are in needs in our local communities via scholarships, sponsorships, and financial assistance.

Giving back to the community

We consider ourselves an integral part of the community. Community engagement is important to our culture. We enrich communities with dedication and love, strengthen the local community by addressing local needs through supporting numerous philanthropic organizations in Hong Kong. Our Volunteer Programme also works with various non-profit organizations every year to provide hundreds of hours of community service.