We deliver to make dreams real

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09Nov photo size 1200x627 - We deliver to make dreams real

A gray day in Dongguan. I can see the traffic jam through the blurred and rainy views. Taxies horn, shout. Trucks and buses exhaust. The green and red lights blink at me. It’s eleven o’clock in the morning. I stand next to the waist-high lockers and look at the logistics team checking data with computers. I wait until the typing sounds slow down. Then I start to throw out questions. The interview begins … …

Q: Comparing manufacturing with other industries, is there any difference in the logistics process?
A: I don’t think so. You know, the ultimate goal of logistics is to deliver products on time.

Q: You mention three things here: delivery, product and time. Are they crucial factors in the completion of an order?
A: Well, let me put it this way. We evaluate transportation time, cost and other costs like storage, equipment and packaging to find the right plan for the client’s specific need. In order to let them receive products on the right time and at the right place. Every order, every situation is unique when it comes to logistics. That’s why understanding what the client wants is important. But, I’m talking about mutual understandings here. The understanding of clients’ value and, the understanding of the value they are receiving.

09Nov photo size 1200x627 - We deliver to make dreams real

Q: Manufacturing outsources offshore in China was once a trend, and now factories are moving to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia. Do you think it undermines our company’s values?
A: Actually no. The changing location of factories will not weaken us. On the contrary, it brings out our values. We don’t just operate, we have strategy and plans for unexpected condition. So as to maintain the high service quality among this dynamic and challenging industrial environment. For example, we use the logistics park for free flow of two-way traffic, taking care of the quick distribution need. Like you said, factories are moving to different places, and such landscape will keep shifting. The dispersed and swift nature of manufacturing means every carrier we arrange have to be carried along with precision, fast responsiveness and flexibility, and always be ready for pop up situations. One late delivery, or one change of requirement can cause far-reaching repercussions. And you have no idea how far it might go.

Q: Tell me more about our company’s competitive edge.
A: Okay. I’ll say we have 4 strong points. First, manufacturing improves logistics. Logistics includes sourcing materials, interplant work-in-progress flow and shipping finished products to distribution centers and so on. Thanks to our production and engineering teams, the precise and efficient work they do, both try-out and the final product are undeniably speed up part of the logistics workflow and eliminate unnecessary process in post and pre-production stages. Sales teams play an important role here too. We need their understanding of clients’ business needs.

The other two competitive strengths are supported by the intelligent system and 3PL (Third-party logistics). Generated by the intelligent system, the accurate information enables us to predict and prepare pre-emptive arrangements. Transparent information flow is the key to exact management. It gives us end-to-end views across various supply lines and disrupting status, so that we’ve different types of combinations to come up the best solution. Tracking software also helps us keep every shipment on track, ensure every load is moving. Being on time is always our core competitive edge. It establishes the reputation for reliability. That’s how we build loyal relationships with our clients and logistics service providers.

And last, by working with 3PL, we can manage logistics at a competitive cost. And this is no doubt a good news for us and our clients. Our goal is to make sure our clients can receive products on the right time, at the right place with the best rate. Production team transform clients’ creations and we make the transit to send them back. You may say we deliver to make dreams real.