Employee quality of life

We incorporate risk management models in all aspects of our operation procedures and practice to prevent incidents, improve employees’ safety and health awareness. We strive to offer better benefits to our factory employees, by increasing various subsidies and allowances, and develop more leisure facilities. We regularly employ third party organizations to inspect our operation, and to ensure that we achieve more than compliance with the law requires.

Work-life balance

We value our people’s well-being as much as designing rewarding career. Work-life balance is the practice we actively promote. We prepare open spaces for our people to refresh, giving them new energy and creativity. With company-wide events, our people can have the time to relax and reset.

Care for people

We believe the professional and personal development of our people is the cornerstone of the on-going business success. They’re valuable supports to make us a better company. As part of the commitment to our staff, we promote a culture that embraces trust and respect, encourages open and honest communication. We value our people and nurture them so they may reach their full potential.