Reducing the waste plants produce

We promote the culture of cherishing resources and recycling, which includes the collection of recyclable materials and reclaimed water used in production, and the process in sewage treatment plant. Our initiatives significantly reduced waste and pollution and we aspire to stay green.

Take action to improve

We examine our production performance invariably to identify room for making manufacturing process more sustainable. By mapping out the entire industrial flow, we measure the inputs used in production and come up with information we need for evaluation. That’s how we streamline to consume less and take a step further to the green future.

Resources for tomorrow

We produce some of the most advanced products and inevitably generate waste. We target to balance our water footprint and help increase the availability of clean water in communities where we operate. That’s why we invested over 100 million dollars in each of our water treatment facilities, and designed them with the industrial zero-emission standard. Thus far, we’ve achieved 94% water reuse ratio in production, and we will continue to push the limit.