Contributing to sustainability

Environmental awareness is at the heart of our operation. We take steps to sustainable manufacturing from the selection of supplying materials in the first place. We look into ways to improve the efficiency of facility operations to reduce resource use, and ecological footprint by introducing residue treatment. So as to maximize sustainable outcome for our environment.

Meet the needs in green ways

We constantly review energy sources and continue exploring the feasibility in expanding the scale of renewable energy implementation. As a start, we’ve installed 12,000 units of solar panels across our facilities, supplying over 300,000 watts of electricity, equivalent to 10% of total energy usage per month. Our target is to bring up to 80%, through purchasing energy sources like solar, hydro, and wind from regional suppliers.

Promoting the safety of workers

The improved quality of life for our workers is also a part of our sustainable development. We place great emphasis on creating a safe, and both physical and psychological healthy working environment for our workers. Aiming not just to support them with semi-automation machines, but also to provide a platform for them to learn different skills.