For changes to be of any value

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For changes to be of any value - For changes to be of any value

At LF, we’re always prepared for challenges and opportunities from the ever-changing global trend, shifting industry ecosystems, and groundbreaking digital technologies. Over the past decades, there were challenges we’ve overcame and changes we’ve embraced. Those changes are like magic and worth to maintain.

We continue to lead the growth of R&D investment, seeing a significant success in the adoption of automation, including robotics program, hardware and software. The way we transferred ourselves into intelligent manufacturing is perfectly bringing out the spirit of “Made in China 2025” Initiative and letting us move forward to a more innovative and high-tech future. Labor play one of the most decisive role in a factory.

For changes to be of any value - For changes to be of any value

In other words, the sufficiency in laboring supports the industry to meet the goal. It determines the business operating system and influences the development of the regional economy. Mechanized equipment in manufacture and quality management provides higher level jobs in operation. By integrating technology into our production process, it doesn’t just increase productivity, but also allow our talents to concentrate on developing innovative plans for customized solutions and make continuous improvements. All these ensure our deliveries to be the highest standard of quality in precision.

Like Tony Robbins said, “For changes to be of any value, they’ve got to be lasting and consistent,” in order to last, we target to introduce more professionals by regular recruitment such as Graduate Trainee and Internship Programmes to offer the best education and training for the young talents.

This is the value we’ve firmly believed and the mission we’ve consistently performed for nearly 30 years and will continue to do so. We value your imagination. We strive to be an adventurer who meets changes with open arms and discovers new possibilities to make your imagination come true.