Green is the new style

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Green as the new style, is working hand in hand with manufactures to transform human experience via energy saving design. Buildings were once being seen as energy consumers, they take power from the nature. But when an inventor introduces solar panels, it gives buildings a chance to provide power by their own to minimize environmental impact and take a step further to green growth. The use of green power changes what buildings look like and how we see them. By embedding the similar environmental thinking in our operation, manufacturing company can make a great contribution to sustainable development.

The role of sustainable manufacturing is becoming more and more significant in business operation. It is about manufacturing products through economically-sound processes while being environmentally and socially responsible. Inventors and manufacturers deploy their creativity to explore new ideas with three goals: To reduce emissions and waste of our manufacturing practice, remedy damage we’ve made, and avoid future environmental damage.

Green is the new style - Green is the new style

Here are some good practice:

  • start from the beginning with design, wise selection of materials to make products be reusable, recyclable and re-manufacturable
  • evaluate production processes to identify room for improving sustainability
  • modify production processes to consume less energy, water, and materials
  • implement energy-saving measures at factory floor to reduce waste and emissions of greenhouse gases
  • turn to ‘no clean’ processes to reduce waste
  • give a second or even third life to tools so as to consume fewer resources
  • use less packaging

As you can see, from resources to production, consumption, waste, and remanufacturing, we are turning waste into resources, making it recyclable to consume less energy and materials or even become the energy provider to conserve the nature.

The culture of manufacturing places great values on creativity and innovation. They show us way out to sustainability. Living in a society that yearns for efficient and innovative products, sustainability requires manufacturers to integrate “Green” into production flow and product design, which could ideally and possibly bring quality and green living in the future.

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