LF Rebranding ─ Exemplify the industry’s precision standard

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MRU 4893 - LF Rebranding ─ Exemplify the industry’s precision standard

This rebranding exercise is a chance for us to revisit our values and vision. As we continue on our journey, we look to the bright future and will always keep the dedication to offer a premium and uncompromising quality, and lead the industry by best-in-class examples.

We transcend our professional image through the reimaging of our logo and brand elements to better emphasize on why you should form a partnership with LF. The refreshed philosophy guides our tone of voice, the design of corporate materials, the website, the company-wide signage and much more to refine LF.

On the journey of connecting world technologies, we gain a firm foothold as a leading role in precision metal manufacturing. We have dedicated ourselves on innovation and building dreams for the past 30 years. The continuous investment and development in the cutting-edge fabricating technology we made, has prepared our enterprise to more efficiently tackle new challenges the global market has for us, and let us become the key strategic partner with world-class technology companies. We are proud of our exquisite craftsmanship.

MRU 4893 - LF Rebranding ─ Exemplify the industry’s precision standard

The LF Blue has a long-standing commitment to precision and quality. This determination echoes the enduring use of our brand color. So we retain the characteristic LF Blue to enunciate our resolution in quality and the persistent endeavor toward excellence. We challenge ourselves through technology innovation, to explore more solutions at a higher speed and a less cost, and to lessen the impact on the environment. The focus and the passion of technology realize our ambitions in creating leading-edge technologies. We put a touch of gray alongside the LF Blue to define our spirits and indicate what the symbol stands for.

Lately, we have updated our website and will enhance throughout 2019. The first concrete logo appears in the annual dinner to celebrate LF 30th anniversary and to commemorate this significant milestone with our people as the same drive and desire to ignite the whole enterprise.

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