Our journey begins with you

We turn your wildest, boundary-pushing and world-beating idea into reality. We’ve been pioneering metal work solutions for three decades. The history of LF mirrors the era of the technology revolution in the global market. We highlight some of our achievements over decades below.


Established Luen Fung watch case factory

In 1988, we set out for dream builders in all directions. By sharing the same dream, we are changing our life to its best.


Established 1st production campus in Shenzhen

In light of the increasing production needs, we establish our first factory in Shenzhen. It marks the beginning of our leadership in metal work solution.


Established Luen Fung Commercial Holdings Limited in Hong Kong

2003 is a significant year for the development of our business. It’s the year we take the opportunity to innovate in new sector. We equip with the knowledge, technique and manpower to get ready for upcoming orders.


Established Mega Precision Technology Limited & 2nd production campus in Dongguan

The experience of manufacturing meticulous metal parts giving us advantage to expend our business into a new market. In 2008, we start fabricating exquisite metal components for smart phones and other high-end devices.


Established Dongguan Wintech Precision Technology Limited & 3rd production campus in Dongguan


Established Dongguan Luen Fung Precision Technology Limited & 4th production campus in Dongguan


Established 5th production campus in Dongguan

Innovation means more than using new methods. It also means to manufacturing new products for green technology. It’s delightful to help introduce electric cars to the streets.


Established Dongguan INNO Precision Technology Limited

The persistence and enthusiasm for excellent craftsmanship and quality drive business upgrading and transformation. The Grand Award is an encouragement for our artistic endeavor.