A solid career path ahead

We’re an industry-leading enterprise in precise manufacturing with strong recognition and reputation worldwide. We team with world-class technology companies to deliver revolutionized and innovative projects that we’re all proud to work on. At LF, we give you qualitative experience that leads to exceptional performance, an opportunity for career advancement.
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Learning & development

We believe the professional and personal development of our people is the cornerstone of our achievement of excellence and international expansion. That’s why we make training part of our culture, providing structural training curriculum and progressive development. Since LF is the place for you to advance and unleash your potential.

Supportive environment

We promote a culture that embraces trust and respect, encourages free flowing communication in both directions. So as to build a supportive environment that brings collective creativity and better collaboration, which can enhance engagement, recognition and inclusion for our people.

Employee benefits

We offer competitive remuneration and comprehensive benefits, including on-the-job training, statutory leaves, medical care and a discretionary performance bonus for all full-time permanent employees. We continually strive to offer better benefits to our factory employees, increase various subsidies and allowances, develop more leisure facilities and introduce different activities.

Work-life balance

We value our people’s well-being as much as providing rewarding career. Work-life balance is the practice we actively promote. We prepare open spaces for our people to refresh, giving them new energy and creativity. With company-wide events, our people can have the time to relax and reset.